See the forest for the trees.

Resist the obvious.  

Be interesting.



Effectiveness Is Our Objective, Creativity Our Strategy

Biased toward the emotive, we are Fred & The Good Guys - an agile creative strategy shop on a mission to help agencies create more effective work and brands gain an unfair share of the future.

We're ideas people who don't hide behind branded methodologies and fashionable jargon. We help clients solve tough problems through the art of asking better questions, thinking harder, applying creativity and never, ever settling for good enough.

Boston Creative Agency

Boundless possibilities.

Timeless, human truths.

Ideas born of both.   


what prevents us from being yes men

Team chemistry is critically important when working with something as delicate as ideas, as is being on the same page. So get a feel for our beliefs and if they resonate, we would like to hear from you.

Strategically channeled, creativity is an economic multiplier. While we love art, we're not for creativity for creativity's sake. We know there is a causal link between original ideas and marketing effectiveness. Below are the beliefs that guide our thinking to help us get there.

The primacy of the idea.

The imperative of giving a damn.

Being interesting is more important than being right.

Our work is fundamentally about people, but technology helps.

The paramount importance of human insight, not only mere stats. 

Relevancy is irrelevant without differentiation.

The understanding that reason leads to conclusion whereas emotion leads to action.

The imperative for strategy to be creative and creative to be strategic.

Playing it safe is one of the greatest dangers, in advertising and in life.

None of us is as good as all of us.



About The Founder

You guessed it: his name is fred

Fred is a culturally ambidextrous, multilingual and award-winning brand planner with over 15 years of global experience as a brand strategist in agencies, such as BBH, TBWA and MullenLowe. He is also a regular guy who loves hockey.

Fred was born in Sweden, educated around the world and after a decade working across Asia, he landed on US soil in 2012. 

When you hire Fred & The Good Guys, you get Fred. And depending on the nature of the assignment, Fred calls on The Good Guys and assembles an experienced, tailored team for the task at hand.

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